A New Home; a New Chapter in Life

Both Wasili and I will be moving each to a new apartment in october. Both apartments are situated in the same building. We’’ll practically be neighbors so that’s exciting and handy when it comes to collaborating. So where are we at right now? The E-Day project (live gig we did in 2009) has finally been mastered. The project I’m doing (Sea of Potentials) with Dronny Darko is almost finished mixing. Hopefully both releases will see the light of day before the end of the year. I’m planning on releasing E-Day first. As a reminder: this album will be a name your price one from Bandcamp. There’s still a lot of work to be done in our new homes, so musically I recon we won’t be too productive the coming weeks. For me personally this new home symbolizes a totally new beginning of my life. I’ve been processing a lot of emotions the last two or so years so now, as a result, I feel there’s space to infuse more of my soul into my body. In my understanding that’s basically what life is all about: learning to express your authentic self more and more into this physical reality. Making music is a means (just one) of doing that for me and Wasili. Besides music we need all kinds of experiences to learn how to do that. Living in seclusion to just making music would not suffice......by far. We need countless interactions in day-to-day life to truly know who we are and to dare giving expression to that.
Here are some pics of our new homes:
DSC00263 kopieDSC00255 kopieDSC00262 kopieDSC00253 kopie
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